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Web Design - GiftedPixel

Website Design & Development

Web design is what I do best. I enjoy the challenges of HTML/CSS and I use problem solving skills every day to create beautiful and functional websites for clients.

Website Design

Website design and development is something I love to do. And I love to do it as often as I can. I have a diverse set of web design skills, and I utilize Joomla! exclusively.

Digital Illustration - GiftedPixel

Digital Illustration

Designing content digitally has always been the preferred method for me. I am proficient with Adobe Fireworks, InDesign, Photoshop, and I specialize in Illustrator.

Digital Illustration

Illustrating ideas digitally has always felt more natural for me. The clean vector lines and solid colors that Adobe Illustrator provide are perfect for my style of illustration.

Video Production - GiftedPixel

Video Production

From the filming stage to high resolution exporting I am very comfortable with the process of producing a video for web or digital copy.

Video Production

I have many hours of editing experience with Final Cut Pro and Adobe After Effects. And I have logged many hours behind the camera in the cold Minnesota winters with PorchHorse Productions.

Graphic Design - GiftedPixel

Graphic Design

Logo Design, UI Design, digital layouts, and web and print graphics. Whatever your project is, I can help you get it into the digital world or ready for printing.

Graphic Design

Logo Design, UI Design, digital layouts, web and print graphics. I pride myself on being a versatile designer who can apply good design structures to many platforms and mediums.