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It hasn't always been easy, but it has always come naturally.

I've always loved to work with design and color. In high school it wasn't hard for me to see my calling as I excelled in art-based classes but was not interested in more general studies. In college, as I underwent my education at The Art Institutes International - MN, I began to develop a unique style that I could share and talk about with my fellow art enthusiasts. Finally, when it was time to strike out on my own with GiftedPixel, I realized how much I enjoyed designing for the web and have since primarily been doing web design/development. My Graphic Design education in creative, structured, and carefully planned design is something that separates me from Web Designers. My initiative and understanding in creating dynamic web-ready content is something that differentiates me from Graphic Designers.

Birth of a Pixel

GiftedPixel is solely my creation. This portfolio and company has been built from the bottom up (images, site, networking, branding, etc) and is a direct reflection of myself and my art. I have worked really hard to present you something that is visually appealing, unique, and well designed.